My name is Angelo Cangero and I’m a professional wedding photographer and videographer based in Gorizia, in northern Italy, one hour from Venice.
Angelo Cangero

I started photographing weddings over 10 years ago and it has quickly become my job and my favorite hobby. During these years I have photographed hundreds of weddings: civil, religious, Jewish weddings, Orthodox weddings, symbolics, etc. I learned to relate to different cultures and gained a lot of experience.

I love to travel, in the past I was a passionate traveler by motorcycles and I still am in my free time, so long trips does’t scare me. I love my job, meeting new people, discovering different rites and traditions and cultures. Take a look at my photo gallery or my wedding videos.

I hope you enjoy visiting my site and as we say in Italy … BENVENUTI!!!!


All the emotions of your wedding day


All the emotions of your wedding day

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