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Wedding video in italy

“My name is Angelo Cangero, and I am a professional videomaker specializing in wedding video production. My commitment goes beyond mere recording. I will accompany you through every phase of the process, from planning to production, editing, and the exciting moment of delivery. I create wedding videos in Gorizia, Udine, Pordenone, and Trieste, but I love to travel and would be happy to reach you practically anywhere.

If you want to delve into all the details related to my wedding videos, call me or write to me, providing some information about your event. Thanks to my passion and experience, I will transform the most beautiful moments of your special day into an unforgettable film. Every detail, every smile, and every emotion will be captured skillfully, giving you a wonderful memory to cherish forever. To further discuss the details related to my wedding videos, do not hesitate to contact me. It will be a pleasure to discuss the specifics of your event.


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All the emotions of your wedding in a wonderful and captivating video

All the emotions of your wedding in a wonderful and engaging video. I will capture all the most beautiful and spontaneous moments of your wedding day in a completely natural and unforced way, asking only for a few brief moments to create some more impactful scenes.

To effectively tell the story of your wedding day, I never work by the hour but will be present from the preparations until the lunch/dinner moment. Most of the time, we follow weddings until the cake cutting and beyond. For all services, I always plan to have a second operator present to capture the most important moments from different angles, provide greater security in case of unforeseen events, and be more productive and efficient in the use of equipment.

I am an authorized drone pilot with all the necessary permits, so there is no need to hire additional collaborators for aerial shots. If the location you have chosen for your wedding is not in a no-fly zone and weather conditions are not prohibitive, the drone is always ready to take off for stunning aerial shots and is included in all services.

All wedding videos are shot, edited, and delivered in 4k in mp4 format. Upon request, we also create the trailer and social media version (horizontal or vertical video of 1 minute).

If you are also interested in wedding photography services, you can visit my dedicated wedding photo website. Write to me for any questions or doubts about your wedding video!!!”