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My name is Angelo Cangero, and I am a professional videomaker specializing in wedding videos. I primarily work in the provinces of Gorizia and Udine, and generally in northern Italy. I love to travel and explore new and exciting places; distances do not intimidate me.

I have been documenting weddings for over 10 years, initially as a photographer and later transitioning into videomaking. I entered the realm of video production as a natural continuation of my photographic journey, borrowing the skills of framing, lighting, and creativity, and then adding movement, direction, and, of course, the entire audio aspect.

The fundamental idea is to narrate the wedding day in a very spontaneous manner, while not foregoing some creative and impactful moments. The use of multicam recording, drone footage, and editing gives me the opportunity to impart a cinematic flavor to the video, capable of capturing the viewers’ attention throughout the entire film..


how I work

Every service begins with the bride’s preparations and ends with the cutting of the cake.

I consider the preparation moments as the best opportunity to introduce the protagonists of the story, the ‘once upon a time’ of every respectable fairy tale. Typically, the service starts about 2/3 hours before the ceremony. I will aim to arrive at the church about twenty minutes before the scheduled time for the ceremony to have time to capture the arrival and the groom’s anticipation, and then finally the grand entrance of the bride – a very delicate moment where emotions are at their peak.

Naturally, the entire ceremony will be captured in its key moments, from the vows to the signatures to the rice throwing.

Upon arrival at the chosen reception location, there is usually a change of pace, with the more formal part ending and the more fun part beginning, where joy and conviviality take center stage. It’s also the time for us to catch our breath and interact more with the couple and guests.

This is the moment to capture joy, games, dances, and toasts, and it’s also the time to ask the couple for a few minutes to film some more emotional scenes. Usually, after the cake cutting and after recording hundreds of gigabytes, the service heads towards its conclusion.

...And then?

And after the day spent together, for every respectable wedding videomaker, the long hours of work at the computer begin.

Editing and post-production are absolutely necessary; it’s the moment when all the clips are stitched together to create the actual video.

It will take quite some time to review all the footage, make a selection of clips, determine the style for your video, choose the soundtrack, edit, synchronize, and post-produce the audio part, adjust white balance, contrasts, lights of all used clips, blend colors, check everything, and export your video.

…and after that… we will toast to the delivery of the finished work together!!!

I am always available for a chat, to delve into the topic, and to provide you with all the information you need. This is my mobile number (you can also message me on WhatsApp):

+39 338 9936441

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